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Black Mountain

Black Mountain
‘In The Future’

If you haven’t discovered Black Mountain yet, be prepared because they’re not what you might think. At first the name conjures up visions of Tolkein-esque ravaged peaks, but these Mountains definitely come with added technicolour. Imagine if Wolf Mother got trapped in the telepod from ‘The Fly’ with Deep Purple instead of Jeff Goldblum. That is Black Mountain. They combine psychedelic organ weirdness with heavy guitar chugging, which dives back down into slow droning harmonies – perfect for when you’re a little bit intoxicated.

Not surprising when some members of the band work in a Vancouver rehab centre for heroin addiction. The highs and lows these guys see everyday clearly come across in their music with the record getting progressively more droning and organ-driven. But it’s the beginning of the album that shines here, with the slow chord, string-laden ‘Angels‘ showing that ‘In The Future’ definitely tops their previous releases.