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Bring Me The Horizon & Draper

‘The Chill Out Sessions’

With their third studio album ‘There Is a Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret’, Bring Me The Horizon began to experiment with the atmospherics of their sound. Now collaborating with producer/chillstep artist Draper, the Sheffield based metallers have embraced this element and dropped an exquisite EP, ‘The Chill Out Sessions’.

As the name and artwork suggests this EP is a beautiful sound scape, the perfect backing track to relaxation yet it maintains elements of Bring Me’s emotional charged music.

Although Bring Me The Horizon will always remain attached to the metal scene, the direction of this EP isn’t a surprise as vocalist Oli Sykes is publicly fixated on post-rock band Worship, likewise guitarist Jona Weinhofen equally adores Scandinavian experimentalists immanu el. With immanu el reported to feature on Bring Me The Horizon’s next full length ‘Sempiternal’, the band’s development will be an exciting prospect to witness.

Download ‘The Chill Out Sessions’ for free here.

Words: Emma Wallace