We Rule

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

With social gaming on platforms like Facebook taking huge portions from our online activity (just look at Farmville). it’s a little gem like We Rule that goes slightly against the grain of the mass of recent social gaming titles and takes the plaudits.

Imagine a medieval zen garden, place your farm land plots, earn gold, buy structures like stables, schools, houses, mines, earn more gold from players placing orders at these structures, move your structures around in your own design and increase land size as you level up- and repeat.

Simply put, We Rule has limited social interaction but still relies on other users to purchase goods and services from your own kingdom for it to make any sense. Strangely, this works really well and is just enough to draw you back to your own kingdom (if you ensure you have your push notifications active) allowing minimal fuss and short bursts of time spent in the game.

ngmoco could look to develop We Rule with additional social interaction elements as there’s no chat or messaging system in place but without developing more to the gameplay itself there maybe no needed to do so. With We Rule you get a free social gaming experience that almost forgets to add the ‘interaction’ into the mix. Strangely endearing, less has made this fairly light but pretty game, more.

David Osbon