DECE Addendum – offcuts online

Just when you though that the DECE video was enough after watching 25 minutes of bangers from the likes of Brady, Yaje Popson, Lucien Clarke, Austyn Gillette, Shawn Powers and many more, Rob Harris has uploaded another full 15 minutes of extra footage from this production overnight filmed over the last 3 years with hits, misses and dog slides.

Danny Brady Tribeca footage

dannybradyIf you have not much about Danny Brady of late then it’s because he has been lurking hard in New York City. Rob Harris has been following the Blueprint pro’s downtime though and brings you a quick edit from the Tribeca that has been built in the Hudson River Park in NYC.

Watch this footage that also has tricks from Yaje Popson and Dan Forkin and if you have 5 mins today then visit the Green Diamond.