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Mallory Knox

Pilot EP
Wolf At Your Door Records

Mallory Knox are a recent addition to the excellent and ever growing Wolf At Your Door Records roster and on the evidence of this EP they are on to something special. From their humble beginnings in 2009 they have made huge waves touring with Never Means Maybe and getting signed to SGR management (the management venture of Stuart Gili-Ross of Gallows fame) and Wolf At Your Door records, taking their rightful place alongside some of the hottest properties in the UK rock scene including Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis.

With a mix of heavy pulsating riffs and more subdued, melodic moments, both of which vocalist Mikey Chapman works his way around masterfully, it is very easy to find yourself addicted to this 5 track EP. Opening track Oceans encapsulates what Mallory Knox are all about in the first 30 seconds, with silky vocals laid over clean guitar tracks bursting into an assault of distorted guitars and forceful drums this is a band who waste no time in getting their sound across to the listener, and it is a sound that the band do not stray too far from throughout the EP.

It would be unfair to choose a highlight from the EP as every track more than holds it’s own but one of the standout moments of the EP is definitely the backing vocals (contributed by bassist Sam Douglas’ sister, Amy) that briefly appear on album closer Q.O.D creating the perfectly peaceful lead in to the crashing guitars that follow. Another thing that definitely stands out about this band is that their choruses are absolutely anthemic, it is very easy to envision huge masses of people singing along at festivals and arenas a few years down the line.

Of course making such a statement at this point could be a foolish decision but such is the quality of the music on Pilot that it is a risk that is definitely worth taking on the back of such a masterful debut EP, it will be absolutely fascinating to see what this band have up their collective sleeve in years to come. Don’t miss out.

Catch Mallory Knox with Never Means Maybe at Camden Barfly on the 24th of July and take a listen to their single Resuscitate below.

Ryan de Freitas.