Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS Duran review

es_duran-shoesWhen éS thought of the concept of simplicity vs technical, they pulled out quite a few stops to produce a very minimalistic skate shoe that can easily be mistaken for a loafer rather than something you would wear when skateboarding. They’ve released these in a few different versions, but I’m picky and if ain’t suede, I ain’t riding them. Fortunately for me, this model has full suede uppers supported by synthetic leather lining throughout.

Slim shoes should always have a thin tongue, again, a feature apparent on these beauties. A nice added feature I personally like on the modern skate shoe is waxed laces, they look better and last a bit longer. éS have taken the initiative to ensure the laces are nice and shiny to match the slick appearance of the leather lining.

I will admit I wasn’t a fan of the stitch and turn toe cap due to the fact that it might hinder my flips and probably wear through rather quickly, but it really hasn’t influenced my board control in anyway and I was surprised to see it last this long. Professionals, Ams and all kinds of skaters are riding skinnier shoes these days, but they all know a slim shoe still needs a solid sole, which is why these represent a full length EVA midsole with a moulded STI system G2 embedded into it. The rubber outsole is a regular 400 NBS, slightly different to a vulc sole of course, but rather light and really not disappointing at all.

Overall I like these shoes, they’ve been good to me and outlasted their expectancy. I can’t fault them in anyway, but I do prefer a vulcanised outsole which I feel could have given them a slightly better overall performance.