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Volcom Borken Skate Chino shorts

volcom_shortsIt’s only the beginning of August so there’s plenty of time left for a barbecue summer, however pessimistic we’re supposed to be about the weather. If you still want to make the most of the last few summer months and skate through the day without your legs reaching boiling point, purchasing a pair of shorts wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Coincidently, I happen to have a great pair of shorts on my body now. The Volcom Borken Skate Chino is a true skate chino. It’s not just a name! They are baggy enough (without looking ridiculous) to move about in comfortably and not too short. As expected from Volcom the quality is good with 35% cotton and 65% polyester so they shouldn’t rip too easily if you slam in them. There are also plenty of pockets with coin catchers so your small change doesn’t fall out, making the aforementioned slam worse. The famous Volcom Stone logo features on the inside and the drip brown colour looks choclately enough to eat, although they come in plenty of other colour ways too, including black.

If you need any more encouragement, Volcom have a bangin’ team with dozens of well known pros and ams which could do with you support. Get some air to your pegs or swelter…

Keep in touch with them on facebook.

Louis Woodhead