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Deserted Heygate Estate open for a sesh

The infamous Heygate Estate was built in the 1970’s and has been a part of inner city London skyline ever since. When built, it was considered an ideal urban dwelling but it soon had problems with gangs and for many skaters the brick bank spots weren’t worth the hassle.

Right now, residents of the estate have been evicted. So until the demolition is completed in just under a year’s time, it is ours to be shared with graffiti writers along with the inevitable squatters and street drinkers.

The estate is huge and packed full of a variety of brick branks, with rails and hips too. Be warned, the spots are sketchy and you will hang up on plenty of stray stones and twigs. If you go at the right time though, the estate is deserted and skating round it is a pretty enchanting experience.