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Trevor Johnson wins Volcom TXOTX! mini ramp comp

This weekend’s Volcom TXOTX! mini ramp comp held in Durango, Basque Country was won by UK ripper Trevor Johnson!

Greg Nowik took 2nd place and Kris Vile took 8th. Once again the Brits are on the rampage across Europe. Well done lads! Look out for videos dropping on the Volcon site soon.


1º: Trevor Johnson – 5000 €
2º Greg Nowik-2000€
3º Roura-1000€
4º Dany Leon-500€
5º David Sanchez-400€
6º Xan Beheran-300€
7º Diego Doural-200€
8º Kris Vile-100

Best trick: Alain Saavedra/footplan fakie on The Stone.