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Vans Pool Party 2015: Finals


The bible’s edit from the Vans Pool Party 2015 is here. It was an outrageous event, as ever, but this year seemed to have brought out the mental in people for the 10th Anniversary. Chris Russell’s board breaker, Tom Schaar’s 15 year old gold, Pedro Barros hammerfest, Rune’s sick lines. This has the lot. Enjoy the finals.

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Tom Schaar’s winning lines at Vans Pool Party 2015

vansPOOLPartyHe’s only 15 year’s old but Tom Schaar knows how to skate. He landed the first 1080′ at the age of 12 and has now won a big comp up against the best in the game.

Here’s his lines that made first place in this year’s Combi Pool Party that was doused in amazing sessions.


1. Bruno Pasos
2. Stephen Revord
3. Darren Navarette

1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Eric Nash

1. Tom Schaar
2. Chris Russell
3. Pedro Barros

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12 year old Tom Schaar lands 1080

tom_schaar_1080The world of skateboard records are getting smashed week in, week out right now as a 12 year old becomes the first person to land a 1080′ air. Tom Schaar lands it on the big one at Woodward.