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Astoria theatre timelapse demolition video

Fans of the Astoria Theatre that has now part of music history in London’s musical heritage can find a timelapse video of the demolition process below.

My personal favourite moment of visiting this venue was November 5th, 1991. I could not get a ticket for Nirvana’s headline show at the Astoria so instead went to watch Tankard at the Marquee. Itching to see Nirvana, I left the thrash show, ran as fast as I could up the Charing Cross Rd into the Astoria reception, straight past the bouncers (who gave full chase) and ran into the crowd at mach 10. I hit the floor and crawled to the front of the stage whilst being trampled on but as I came up for air I found myself swaying next to my best mate and little Brother just as Kurt’s Jaguar guitar fell back onto the stage and smashed into pieces! I will never forget it.

RIP Astoria – enjoy this demolition.