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‘No Devolucion’
Epitaph Records

It’s hard to fault Thursday. They’ve been at the forefront of a genre that has been gradually watered down over their thirteen years of existence by a huge influx of uninspired copycat bands and now, with their 6th studio album, No Devolucion is evidence that Thursday are not only still in the game, but that they’re changing the rules and making it even more intriguing.

‘Fast to the end’ starts us off, proving that they’ve lost none of the excitement or energy that’s always held our attention, but adding layer upon layer of mystery and a kind of eerie beauty that’s incredibly captivating. These themes are frequently used throughout the album but are perhaps most effective in the aptly titled ‘A Darker Forest’ where Andrew Everdings’ keyboards soar through the chorus creating brilliantly morbid soundscapes that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. ‘Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart’ provides the albums exceptionally infectious hook that conjures up fond memories of ‘Signals over the air’ from their sophomore album, War all the Time, proving that you a developed and evolved sound doesn’t have to stray too far from its roots. The journey approaches it’s finale with ‘Turnpike Divides’, a solid anthem that’s sure to have clenched fists raised high to the heavens and in classic Thursday style, they finish with ‘Stay True’, a gradual journey that starts from almost nothing but as it’s ending, sounds like it’s taking the world with it.

Geoff Ricklys’ vocals have always been honest, raw, and yet delivered with elegance. What Thursday are presenting here is powerful, emotive and all-encompassing, and although these are familiar trademarks, these new dimensions they’ve added in No Devolucion will draw you in even deeper than before, leaving you spellbound with that familiar sense of longing that’s come from out of nowhere, and it stays with you long after the records over.

Oli Knowles

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United Nations

United Nations – Never Mind The Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures
Deathwish Inc.

United Nations is somewhat of a supergroup yet they’re one that doesn’t really shout about it. They play shows, write and record music, release the music independently (through Deathwish) and occasionally play live. People like them. Yet there hasn’t been a great song and dance about them yet. I guess it helps that their name is virtually ungooglable. And the exact identity of the members is somewhat of a mystery, apparently partly due to certain people being obligated by certain record contracts. However, they are led vocally by Thursday’s Geoff Rickly and it’s really awesome to hear him properly let rip on some rather aggressive vocals as opposed to his more melodic tendencies in (the equally awesome) Thursday. Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo and Converge’s Ben Koller are also rumoured to be involved.

Never Mind The Bombings… is the band’s latest release and has been released as a 7” EP and download. It’s a full-on onslaught of crushing drumming, searing riffs and head-combusting vocals that’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. The music lies somewhere between Converge and Thursday and comes across as a viciously cathartic experience for all involved, whoever that may be. The EP is a melting pot of hardcore and metal influences and is really just a taster of what this band is capable of doing live. Fast, hard and uncompromisingly heavy, let’s hope there’ll be more touring soon.