Think Skateboards release DVD trailer

Think Skateboards have released a brand new video trailer for their forthcoming DVD. Watch the impressive Cody McEntire alongside Josh Matthews, Dave Bachinsky, Lee Yankou, Russ Miligan, Danny Fuenzalida and Adrian Williams. The film is set for release this winter, keep your eyes peeled.

Watch: ‘Cody McEntire Is Texas’

Street Corner Dist. have posted up Think rider Cody McEntire’s entire part from ‘Love It Or Leave It‘, a video highlighting the apparently ludicrous talents of Texan skateboarders.

If this hasn’t gone viral already I’ll eat my hat. To quote Street Corner themselves… “don’t worry, it’s got a few ‘holy shit I’ve never seen that before’ tricks.”

They aint lying.

CODY McENTIRE IS TEXAS from Street Corner Skate on Vimeo.