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Erreon Lee

Erreon Lee
The Day The Game Elevated 2

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Erreon Lee won’t be a name known to most people reading this. This isn’t being said on any pretentious, we-were-here-first level, it’s just a matter of fact. The young Texan recently got signed by Wiz Khalifa to his Taylor Gang imprint and as a result a score of people have been turned onto the MC. Whether he’s known or not however, this mixtape is a great way to get into him.

A free download over at his site, the 22 track mixtape has its ups and down though the former thankfully vastly outnumber the latter. From the opening track Ignorant Shit, Lee shows his prowess over a laid back, slightly disco-infused beat before slamming down on Tear The Ground which features a deep Southern chain-gang sample on which he boldly states “I don’t need a hook on this beeeeeeeeetch”.

The standout track, Go To Hell, comes fairly only on too, with booming drums marching and skiffling hi-hats slinking along the beat as Erreon declares war on haters. Sure the subject matter might not be the most original, but the ease with which his delivery lays out the vocals is something not many rappers are able to master. The chipmunked vocal which provides the understated backbone of the track before coming to the fore in the chorus is a guaranteed winner.

There are some off moments – no-one wants to hear a remix of Bed Rock and Say Somethin’ is another Drake-a-like track skipper. But when the sunshine-in-a-bottle production of The Wrap Up and the Lady Gaga sampling [yep, you read that right and it’s GREAT] Make Her Say follow the duff tracks, it’s easy to forgive and forget.

Having Khalifa appear on a couple of tracks certainly doesn’t help either with his weed-smoking hombre killing things in his own inimitable way on Boarding Pass Remix and Superstar. Erreon Lee doesn’t come acorss over-awed or overshadowed though, which is arguably the best compliment one could give him. Similar to Wiz, this might not grab you instantly, but after a few listens you’ll be on side, no doubt about it.

Check the video for Go To Hell below and make sure to grab the mixtape, it is free after all!