Skateboarding Product Reviews

Supra – The Shredder

supra_ shredder_skate-shoe

Supra sent us the new Lizard King signature model, The Shredder and it’s been tough to take them off, for no other reason than they are comfy straight out of the goddam box, and seem to pack more than enough space for your needs once they are on.

Supra have designed these with space in mind, but we’re not talking about your feet flapping around in them whatsoever, they just have that extra couple of millimeters of room in the toe allowing your phalange to move freely, the metatarsal to be protected but not squashed, (unlike some other models out there) and your cuboid reaps the rewards of a thin, but functional tongue that doesn’t slip sideways.

Underneath, the volcanized sole seems to grip like a god and the overall design of the canvas and suede mix looks dope. It’s a winner and in your local skate shop now.

supra_ shredder_skate-shoe1