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Fourstar Trujillo Signature SS Woven Shirt

Knowing that our winter has been so tiring since last November and skating has been limited as a result of the freezing temperatures, look forward to having some freedom again from wearing big jackets and woolly hats. As the Spring kicks in, short sleeve shorts will be needed to cope with the heat that we have missed all winter and it cannot come soon enough.

If you have already started to look around for some new threads, TNT has a new short sleeve woven workwear shirt out on Fourstar this month for those who like simple but effective clothing to skate in. This tough little number should take a few slams and comes out the bag in either vertical stripe or solid slub chambray. Available in Pirate and Blue colours in your local skate shop now.


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Line Check Spring 2012

Spring is here once again, so if you are thinking of getting down to your local skater owned shop this month or shopping online, then here’s a selection of this month’s recommended products to check out on your travels.

This Spring, we have joined forces with Unabomber Skateboards for a 10 Year collaboration t-shirt. The result is the ‘Pilot’ collab tee which is a limited edition run in their Spring catalogue. Please note, this is a very limited run, so order one exclusively from our Big Cartel store today before they run out and we will ship them out to you with some free stuff.



Enjoy this selection of products from Death, Blueprint, Consolidated, Kill City, Landscape, The Harmony, Crayon, Superdead, 5Boro, Independent, Volcom, Krux, Thunder, Spitfire, Ricta, Autobahn, Bones, Etnies, WESC, Enjoi, Slam City, Kr3w, Lakai, Vans, Altamont, Supreme and wait for part 2 of this to drop in April with even more.






The Harmony / Crayon:



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