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Luminous Bodies

luminous_bodies_destroyedLuminous Bodies
Box Records

If you thrive on the kind of acid-tinged scumbag dirge that the likes of Terminal Cheesecake, Psychic Pussies and Part Chimp all kick out then look no further, because all of the above make up the ranks of a new noise brigade who’re about to blow your ears clean off.

Luminous Bodies arrive with not one but two powerhouse drummers, and all the wall-of-noise string thrashing and throat-mangling howl you could ever ask for. Just fresh from North London’s esoteric Raw Power festival the five-piece have recently revealed ‘Destroyed’, a two-minute noise ride that’ll shred your ears off in seconds, and the first look at Luminous Bodies’ debut LP which is due early August via the commendable Northern noise outlet, Box Records.

Get in on this glorious racket below and look out for them tearing through London’s small venues over the coming months.