Patrik Wallner’s ‘Far East, Up North’ Russian edit

Patrik Wallner is back with a brand new travel documentary to add to his Visual Travelling experiences, this time with the Chinese Converse team visiting the freezing cold winds of Russia. Watch this 9 minute ‘Far East, Up North’ edit and open your eyes to more cultural creativity that is going on out there.

Converse China – ‘Far East, Up North’ from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

Watch: Apple Juice NYC skateboarding documentary

applejuiceThere’s nothing like looking back to days of old in skateboard history so watching this clip this morning was a pleasure. Apple Juice is an 8 minute documentary reporting on New York City’s skate scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s from Skate NYC, a skate shop that was based in the East Village from 1986-1991. The tapes have been laying dormant and were found under a pile of grip tape and paint markers in a storage space deep in NYC recently so get hyped on some NY skate history.

The footage includes skating from Harold Hunter, John Carter, Steve Lavergne, Luis Rodriguez, Mike Ming, Jake Aalls, Cosmo Singer, SAS, John Bruce and many more skating The World Trade Centre before it was taken out and more classic old NY spots. What a find.