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Fabric Marcus Beanie

Fabric_beanie_blackKnowing the quality of an average British summer all too well, the people over at Fabric have produced their first ever range of beanies. For those of you who haven’t yet encountered Fabric yet, they are a new UK based board company hailing from the North East. Launched only a few months back in May, they are fast becoming a big part of the UK scene. They’ve already hooked up Shaun Currie, Jason Lewer, Jamie Errington and Paul Regan, produced a few great web edits and have a promising art direction with a real street feel. What more could you ask for?

Coming back to the beanies, they are sick! Available in 4 colours, the Marcus Beanie comes in black, royal blue, grey and olive. With a store price of £19.99, it might be time to stock up for the winter and hassle your local SOS to hassle Stable Distribution to get a few of these in.


In other related news, Fabric have a re-run of their T-Shirts available this month, so if you found a shop with them out of stock recently, they should have some back in as soon as possible.

Louis Woodhead