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Ali Boulala – Epicly Later’d


The history books will tell you how much of a legend Ali Boulala is in skateboarding. Despite his fight with all sorts of vice’s he will go down in history as one of the best skateboarders to ever grace the scene. Today, Vice have Epicly Later’d his incredible life story across 4 episodes. It’s heavy stuff, as you’d expect. Heartfelt, bonkers and every other adjective in between. Get those teas on.

We have interviewed Ali twice over the years. The first in 2005, the second in 2006. Discover them, re-read them – there’s only one Ali Boulala.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

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Blueprint Skateboards Big Smoke series

Blueprint Skateboards are about to roll out a new series into your local skater owned shop this week. Artist Mark Ward came up with the new Big Smoke deck series and wheels for pro riders Shier, Smith, Murawski, Jensen and Brady.

The wheels are new and improved Blurethane shape and urethane. Order one from your local store.



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Santa Cruz Skateboards launch Simpsons Cruzer series

The legendary Santa Cruz Skateboard company have teamed up with Matt Groening of The Simpsons fame to produce a one off run of SC/Simpsons set ups and stickers this month. The 5 Cruzer completes are available to buy direct from the States over at the NHS Fun Factory website so if you know someone out there then mail them to order one for you. Full set ups cost about $144 and should bring a smile to your face today!

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Every Time I Die web series and UK tour!

Every Time I Die have announced the release of a weekly web series entitled ‘Shit Happens: The Series?‘. The series will follow Buffalo’s most notorious hardcore party fiends as they encounter stupid and awesome crap that only Keith Buckley and his troupe could encounter.

Bassist Josh Newton insists that this isn’t a serious documentary or an attempt to be funny and to distract from touring, “It’s us being idiots” he says.

The first full episode will air on July 28th and you can stream the series’ theme song here.

In addition this, the band have announced a tour of Europe, which includes UK dates. These are a bloody exciting band to see live so don’t hesitate to pick up tickets.

19th Sep – Reading Sub 89
20th Sep – Norwich Waterfront
21st Sep – Colchester Arts Centre
22nd Sep – Plymouth White Rabbit
23rd Sep -Manchester Moho Live
24th Sep – Sheffield Corporation
25th Sep – London Islington Academy