Dag Nasty to reform, Rites of Spring to release demos

ritesofspring_dischordFunny things are a happening in Washington DC right now. Following the news this week that Dag Nasty have reformed (the original ‘Can I Say’ line up), Dischord Records have announced that they have re-issued the original Rites of Spring demos.

All of this has come, no doubt from the forthcoming ‘Salad Days’ documentary that is currently being put together by Scott Crawford in the US, a film neding funding for completion right now but is much anticpated in the hardcore scene.

Dag Nasty will play on 28th December at the Black Cat venue in Washington and the Rites of Spring demos that were released on casette only in 1984 will get its first official release on October 23rd from the Dischord website.

Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital

minorthreat_by_jim_saahIf we had a spare $32,000 right now, we would not hesitate to invest it into Scott Crawford’s Washington DC punk scene documentary ‘Salad Days’ that should hopefully come to fruition in 2013.

Scott, like us grew up obsessed with the DC punk scene, listening to bands such as Fugazi, Minor Threat, 3, Bad Brains and so many others that he decided to start filming with various bands, promoters and locals who were active in the scene to tell the full story of how this movement, this energy haven became so popular with youth culture and spread to the likes of us here in London.

“Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation’s Capital” needs funding so if you are reading this and have a few quid tucked away then spend it on something that will educate and inspire another generation that will hopefully kickstart another music scene that means something and will be looked back on fondly just as this is.

Take in this new documentary trailer and look forward to someone out there stepping up.