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Crossfire Xmas Jam 2012 best trick schedule

This year’s event in association with Ricta Wheels, sponsored by HUF Apparel, Superdead Skateboards, DGK, Grizzly Grip Tape is packed with jams all day long. £1500 of goodness being awarded to those who rip the most.

MC Mark Brewster will be commentating and handing out the dosh, so make a note of the timings of what we have planned and await his instructions on the day.

Doors open at 12pm


£500 vouchers from Slam City Skates and Stand Up skate shop will be handed out.

12.30pm: Ledge Jam – £100 vouchers

12.45pm: Small set and small rail jam – £100

1pm: Long flat bar jam – £100

1.15pm: Mini Wallride jam – £100

1.30pm: Small gap jam – £100


Guest riders from Death, Heroin, Kill City, Skateboard Cafe, Drawing Boards, Science, Superdead, Lovenskate, Ricta, A Third Foot, Steak, The Harmony, Witchcraft, Ricta, HUF, DGK, Vans and Landscape Skateboards. Full list here:

2.15pm: DGK Hubba Jam – £100

2.30pm: HUF Apparel Highest Ollie/Best Trick over the driveway – £100

2.45pm: Wallride Jam on the big wall – £100

3pm: Big stairs and rail jam – £50/£50

3.15pm: Grizzly Grip Tape ledge session – £100

3.30pm: Superdead Gap Jam over the park entrance – £100

4pm: Ricta Bowl Jam

4.30pm: Best hip trick sesh: £100

5pm: Longest grind session: £100

5.45pm: Best transfer out of the bowl into the street course: £100

6pm: Overall best rider of the day award combining tricks in both street and bowl: £100

PARTY: The DGK UK video premiere and party is free entry after the jam, at the Portobello Pop Up Cinema just down the road there. Food and drink is there to purchase, and the film is all waiting for everyone. Get on the guest list by emailing The party has DJ Chris Oliver, Sweet Dreams and the Crossfire Sound System playing until 1am.

There will also be a best flat ground trick jam on the dancefloor.