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Lovenskate Real Ghouls Skate Pools deck

realGhoulsskatepools_lovenskate_paul parkerYou can always count on the guys at Lovenskate to come through with a one off board for an occassion, so as Halloween kicked in and the clocks went back, blood was spilled once again over at the old mangle and the Pool Ghouls broke out of the press!

One of our favourite UK artists Paul Parker was said to have turned this graphic around in no more than 48 hours and the results are electrifying.

These new beasts are very limited edition and come in regular 8.5″ shape and an 8.9″ Pool shark which is slightly longer, comes with a pointy nose and blocked tail. Stu Smith rightly points out this week on the Lovenskate website that this obviously makes this particular shape “rad for frontside inverts in graveyard pools”. There are only 35 of these in existence so grab one today from here. All decks come with free grip, stickers, post cards and a zine. Amazing.


A Day In the Life of illustrator Paul Parker

Filmed and edited by Matthew Bromley
Photo: Robert Galpin

paul_parkerIf you have seen Paul Parker’s incredible artwork before then you will know that this guy is an art machine fueled by a passion for painting and drawing.

Inspired by childhood fascinations with video games, Toxic High stickers, action figures and packaging along with Classic Mens Adventures magazine covers, Parker has carved out a skill for attention like nobody else in the UK. His illustration work has graced books, exhibitions in Los Angeles and have also been repped on decks for Death, Witchcraft and Superdead Skateboards to name a few, so we decided to knock on his door to see where all of this creative energy is spawned from.

It just so happened that the week we wanted to film, he was shooting an advert with Lovenskate for a new t-shirt design over at Harlow’s concrete hole dressed as a jungle dweller!

Big things are in the works for Paul Parker right now so keep your eyes peeled for news on where his art will take him in the future.