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Official Grand Skate Jam at Norton

The UK skateboard scene has been summoned to appear at a ye olde skate jamme kind of affair at the brand new concrete dreamland in Midsomer Norton.

The Official Grand Skate Jam will take placeĀ  on August 14th from noon onwards and will be your usual comp format with lots of great stuff to be won and all the typical gubbins; except the theme is medieval castle style so put on your shining armour get jousting for the Knight of the Realm prize! Better than wearing a helmet, right? Protect ye neck…

Skateboarding News

TCTV does Norton

Today we enter a Norton time capsule constructed by Tim Crawley, who is currently piecing together snippets of the Norton skate scene history as it flourished and bloomed over the years prior to getting one of the best skateparks in the UK.

We’ll be putting a Spot Check of the new Maverick park in Midsomer Norton a little later but here’s a little history for you to sink your teeth into beforehand. Hi-8 tapes and small town spots, the things dreams are made of…

Random Clips from Norton Skate Massive – Circa ’98 from TCTV on Vimeo.