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Bay 66 to close next Friday for redevelopment from Nike

Bay Sixty Skatepark tops the news for a second week running. Why? Well, after much planning and secrecy round these parts, the skatepark has scored a 2 year lease after fighting the system for the last couple of years and have allowed Nike to come in and redevelop the place over the next 8 weeks. So the Go Skateboarding Day jam next Thursday will officially be the last before it is completely bulldozed and rebuilt over the summer with a state of the art refit.

The plans for what they have in mind down here are pretty mindblowing but these will be rolled out soon. In the meantime get hyped on a FREE day of skating with their team riders skating the final session with others from 6.45pm. Details here.

Don’t be fooled though into thinking that the skatepark is safe forever just because a brand has announced its involvement in developing the park. Bay 66 still needs your support and needs it right now. The park needs to have a long term future and not just 2 years, so please sign the petition that is online here and do your bit. It takes 3 minutes of your life. Even if you are viewing this from another part of the country or outside of the country, London’s skateboarders need your help.

Watch the 2010 Xmas Jam to reminisce some of the good times we have had at the park next door to Crossfire and look forward to what is to come in the future.