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Deftones and letlive live at Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy, London
20th February 2013

Three Trapped Tigers open up tonight’s proceedings to a fascinated audience. A mesmerising creation of technical beats and soaring synths allures the otherwise timid three-piece to the crowd. Drummer Adam Betts is the centre of attention with his flawless and creative technique. However, Three Trapped Tigers do little to entice movement but they certainly arouse the ear drums.

In terms of stage dynamics, LA’s Letlive are quite the opposite to the static Three Trapped Tigers. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler is clearly engrossed in the music. Amps, drum mats and anything else on or off stage that crosses his path is used as a playground. He leaps and prowls around whilst the band deliver some of Fake History’s most emotive and socially directed songs, including a passionate rendition of ‘Muther’. ‘Casino Columbus’ sees Jason front flip, throw a mic stand and guitarist Jeff Sahyoun destroy his axe. After a frantic set, Brixton Academy are awe struck, not quite sure what just physically and aurally hit them.

If any other band were topping the bill tonight, Letlive would have stolen the show from their grasps. But no such task is possible when the mighty Deftones are headlining. Opener ‘Diamond Eyes’ sets the score, evidently this will be a montage of the band’s greatest hits with ‘Passenger’, ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ and newcomer ‘Swerve City’ all encouraging simultaneous head bangs, mosh pits and choral sing-a-longs. Chants of ‘Chinnnno’ in rest bites epitomise how well loved these metal titans are. Mind-blowingly heavy bass, atmospheric lighting and effortless stage presence all add up to create an undeniable spectacle.

Tonight’s show is something unique with every band on the bill impressing far beyond expectation in their own way… Three Trapped Tigers for their talent, letlive. for destructive suave and the legendary Deftones for again proving themselves to be one of the greatest musical treasures around.

Words: Emma Wallace

Live Reviews

letlive. live

The Old Blue Last, London

28th February, 2011

Photo: Maryam Hassan

letliveThe Old Blue Last has played host to many a monumentous gig, having had the likes of titans Steel Panther, Gallows and Fucked Up through their doors. letlive.‘s first headline show in the country is definitely going to go down as one of those “I was there” events. The night before, the band played to a sparse crowd at the Underworld as they took to the stage 15 mins after doors opened as support to Your Demise. Despite the absence of a packed-out crowd, letlive. put on a performance that put almost every other band who has actually headlined the Underworld to shame. So it was with baited breath that the crowd of excited observers began to gather at the Rock Sound Secret Set at OBL the following night.

Hearts Under Fire and The James Cleaver Quintet did their best to get everyone warmed up but it was clear from the first 20 seconds of letlive.’s performance, which saw vocalist Jason pull himself up onto part of the lighting rig on the ceiling and hang down by his feet whilst still ripping impressively through his vocals, that this was letlive.’s night.

Each member of the band was intensely present and playing their role with a stunning mixture of precision, heartfelt emotion and their own unique rambunctious rock and roll flair. Flawless musicianship fronted by a little bit of crazy. One second Jason was on stage, the next he was standing on the bar pouring a pint of dirty water all over himself. One second his voice is breaking in screams for ‘Muther’ and the next he’s crooning the female vocal part from the track.

Even with a sneaky Refused cover snuck into the mix, it’s clear that letlive.’s own songs are something special that the present day rock scene is largely missing. A unique blend of heaviness and melody that certainly draws upon influence from the likes of Deftones and Glassjaw but also brings something entirely new to the table, even if you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what that spark of innovation entails.

letlive. will be releasing their album ‘Fake History‘ in the UK next month but an it’s fantastic. But live is where this band is truly unbelievable. If you miss out on any chance you may get to go and see them, you’re a fool.

Jay Tate

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