Minor Sabbath t-shirt and mug


Some clever sod has photoshop skills and has transformed the infamous Glen.E.Friedman front porch shot of Minor Threat at the Dischord House with the heads of Ozzy and co from Black Sabbath. Cheeky, surreal and a must have. Ours arrived within just over a week shipped from the US.

Grab yours before they are gone from here.


Slam City Tea Mug

slamcityskatesmugDrinking tea will never be underestimated in the United Kingdom. Our nation craves the leaves, worships them and drinks over 165 million cups of the stuff and each year. Lovenskate started making mugs last year and since then, the urge to drink from a branded pint sized mug is catching on nicely with SW and now Slam getting the teas on.

Kick your morning off with a new Slam City Skates tea mug today for just £6.50. They have just been released this week and come with logos either side of the handles and are also available in black. Click here to buy one.

In the words of Jake’s Alley– “blog on you mug…”