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The Lords of Altamont return with Midnight To 666

thelordsofaltamontFans of 60’s garage punk and sleezy psychedelic greaser rock will be stoked to know that The Lords of Altamont are coming back with a new record titled Midnight To 666.

The ever changing line up of The Lords of Altamont is now packing Jake ‘The Preacher’ Cavaliere, Shawn ‘Sonic’ Medina, John ‘Big Drag’ Saletra, plus new addition Harry ‘Full Tilt’ Drumdini (formerly of punk legends The Cramps) and the full band will be gracing London’s Garage venue in Highbury and Islington on the 30th March.

Have a taster of “Save Me (From Myself)” and look out for the LP release on May 30th via Fargo.