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Free Z-Trip Beastie Boys mix

DJ extraordinaire Z-Trip has put together a free 23 minute Beastie Boys mix in preparation for the NYC trio dropping their new album.

Mixing up stuff from the new album and old classics, it’s the perfect way to kick off any day, so head over to Z-Trip’s Bandcamp page and download it!

Plus it gives us another chance to watch the awesome Make Some Noise video!

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Beastie Boys

Make Some Noise

It’s been a while since we last heard music from the Beastie Boys. It was 2009 when they dropped their track featuring Nasty Nas Too Many Rappers and had everyone clamouring for a new album to drop, but with MCA’s fight against cancer, the album took a deserved lay-off. However, now the New York trio are back with Make Some Noise and it was absolutely worth the wait.

The intro wah-wahs slowly before the drums are unleashed and segue into a backdrop for the inimitable MCs to bring the house down. The drums are crisp, the tune is fun and the gang vocal chorus is classic Beasties. We all know what the rappers sound like and we all love them, so hearing them on a fresh beat is as enjoyable as it could ever be.

With MCA rapping about parties on the right and the left, it seems inevitable that your feet will start to tap, your legs’ll shake, your head will nod and before you know if you’re having your very own personal party in your chair. And that’s what the Beastie Boys are all about – getting rowdy. Despite their age, they can still mix it with the very best and if this is any indication of the new album, we’re all in for a treat.

“It’s the anti-depresser” runs one of the opening lines, too bloody right!