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Stockwell Slasher Tee Shirts

Stockwell is one of the best skateparks in London, maybe even the world! If you’ve never been there then get off the computer, smash your piggy bank open and get on a train and get down there for a session. The Brixton Beach locals are friendly (both skateboarders and local passing by nutters), you’re guaranteed to have a laugh and there’s a shop round the corner that sells beer. Enough?

stockwell slasher tee shirts

Now after all that waffle let’s get to the point of this review:

STRAIGHT UP: These Stockwell Slasher T-shirts are screenprinted by skateboarders for skateboarders.

SIMPLE: One design and one colour printed as front and back print.

Oh and one last thing, they look RAD.

Stockwell Slasher T-shirts designed by Matthew Bromley printed by James Hall at Horse Zine. Get one today for just £10 as they are limited at