Glastonbury Festival announce artists for 2014

Glastonbury Festival have announced the first wave of artists for their 2014 event this morning taking place between 27th-29th June. Take a look at these and then try and work out who the headline ‘special guests’ are. There are more to be announced soon but rumours flying around that a Led Zeppelin line up could be the guests. Thoughts? Rumours also flying around that Shepard Fairey is doing artwork for the band right now for a forthcoming release.


M.I.A. unleashes new video

The video for M.I.A.’s new track Bad Girls has hit the web.

Directed by Romain Gavras [famous for his visuals for Justice’s Stress], the video features the singer/MC in what looks to be the Middle East as cars surround her doing all sorts of crazy shit, like driving on just their left hand wheels with M.I.A. sitting on the door.

The tune will stay in your head, guaranteed, and we love it already. Get ready for the “replay” button to be hit a bunch of times, this one’s a banger.