New Kill City edits and team update

The Welsh Kill City machine is marching forward at pace this month with two new edits that went live to the web last night and abunch of future plans.

Flow riders Sam Pulley and Jake Collins who both smashed our Xmas Jam back in December feature in a new edit from an event hosted at The Boardroom in Leicester and also have some of their best tricks that were from the Xmas Jam itself, watch them below.

Team slayer Lee Dainton is currently working on filming for a new video called Rookies that is scheduled to come out this summer and hopefully there will be some new footage of Caradog Emanuel. The dog has spent the last 3 months tagged up from the rozzers as a result of being involved in a drunken punch up and has had to sit out an 8.30pm curfew so it’s good to hear that the shackles are finally off.

Tour wise, the Kill City team are planning a mini UK tour this year with friends at Witchcraft Skateboards and are set to hook up with the Euro’s for a Hobo Code trip. Watch these fresh edits below and look out for their Spray series decks in your local skater owned shop.

Sunday Stooges: Jess Young remix edit

Lee Dainton’s latest Sunday Stooges edit went up online today featuring some killer Jess Young footage from Kill City Skateboards’ archives and a healthy dose of love for our new website that are you are viewing right now.

Enjoy this video blog that also covers some crazy moments from Pritchard and Dainton‘s recent travels across Europe entertaining shit loads of drunks as they roll and click here to read Jess’ interview if you missed it last week.