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Buzzbombs – Loads of rad new music


Sleaford Mods – ‘No One’s Bothered’ – (Harbinger Sound)

The most punk duo in the UK right now are the only cunts brave enough to ever call out Steve McGarrett from Hawaii five-O, and that my friend, is why this alienating masterpiece makes this list of good shit this month. Charming bollocks not sung by muppets.- Zac

Run The Meows – ‘Meorly’ (Mass Appeal)

When your crazy idea of having cats appearing as musical instruments to remix your album comes to fruition, and people back it on Kickstarter, the only way to complete the mission is to mike up the felines and get down. EL P came through and delivered, as he always does. Purr over the first offering from the kitty, a mashup of the tune ‘Early’. Download for free from here. Zac

Christian Fitness – ‘The Harder It Hits’ (Prescriptions)

Anyone familiar with Future of the Left will know frontman Andrew Falkous’s acerbic and often unhinged delivery. In new project Christian Fitness, Falkous takes this and adds a healthy dollop of sleaze. Like Prince’s evil brother, his falsetto coos unnervingly, before blasting into a distorted yelp. – Joe Parry

Chastity – ‘Manning Hill’ (s/r)

Continuing the excellent blueprint of Canadian punks who’ve come to our attention over the past few years, Ontario’s Chastity deliver a short blast of melodic noise, both infectious and primal. – Joe Parry

Tigercub – Destroy (Too Pure Singles Club)

Brighton has become a breeding ground for a new brand of band bacteria and Tigercub are set to cause an epidemic. Josh Homme-esque drawling vocal delivery and a testosterone charged attitude is the perfect conglomeration for a sound that’s both brutal and ballsy. Latest single ‘Destroy’ is not only a homage to Kyuss with its burly guitars and plundering bass but a driving force in its own right. – Yasmyn Charles

\\GT// – ‘Something’s Wrong With My Mind’ (Communicating Vessels)

This mysterious power trio hail from Alabama with a sound so thick and dense it’ll engulf you like the fuzzy heat haze of the American South. Their howling, swirling noise will be immortalised on July 31st as they release their debut album Beats Misplaced, until then, feast on this nugget of heavy psychedelic goodness. – Dan Druff

Vexx – ‘Black/White’ (Katorga Works)

Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Vexx are sending out waves of excitement across the worldwide DIY punk scene right now with their buzzsaw Avengers/X inspired punk rock attack. They’re fizzing with excitement and touring through Europe at the moment, before landing back in the UK at the start of August. Get Vexxed. – James Sherry

Family Friends – ‘On Your Mind’ (S/R)

Springing out of nowhere with an infectious debut that’s primed and ready to have the A&R’s flocking, this new Aussie bunch set their guitars clean and pristine with beautiful harmonies to match. Get this soothing summer gem on repeat. – Augustus Groove


Manchester’s Flesh are crass and caustic. Fuzzed-out guitars trip and roll over baggy Monday’s inspired beats. It’s evident to see why the four-piece have labelled themselves as ‘snot-pop’. Latest single ‘Not Gna’ displays the group’s brattiness in one hard hitting dose. Turbulent riffs and defiant lyrics portray the band as a bunch of wayward delinquents with an attitude to match their huge sound. – Yasmyn Charles

RiXE – ‘INFATIGABLES’ (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

From their Coups & Blessures EP, these young Parisian bootboys have delivered one of the great records of 2015. Sharp, dynamic, punch heavy anthems are the order of the day. Go see ‘em in the UK in July. – Pete Craven

Ought – ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’ (Constellation)

Montreal’s Ought have followed up their 2014 album More Than Any Other Day with the sprawling ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’. Despite the repetition throughout, the track opens and reveals itself over its seven-minutes. A lot of their music feels like it unravelling, but this is the most composed they’ve ever sounded. – Joe Parry

VAASKA – ‘POLICIA POLICIA’ (Beach Impediment Records)

This is absolute killer blown-out D-Beat destruction from Austin, Texas. Listen to this blistering track off their 2nd album Todos Contra Todos LP, sure ain’t no feeble bastard! – Pete Craven

Interrobang?! – ‘Love It All’ (On The Fiddle Recordings)

Featuring ex-Chumbawamba men Dunstan and Harry, Interrobang?! takes them back to their sharp post-punk roots; The Fall, Wire, Crass, words that mean something, music that inspires action. ‘Love It All’ is their second single and is tense, uptight and then explodes. Fabulously exciting stuff. – James Sherry

Fuzz – ‘Rat Race’ / ‘Pollinate’ (In The Red)

These 2 bonus final numbers have Ty Segall on drums in his new project Fuzz. Would love to know how many new projects he has coming out this year, bloke must not sleep, but once again, it’s on point. Wizard steez stoner radness… – Zac