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Birmingham and Manchester skate shops looted in UK riots

Any skateboarder in the Birmingham area that is offered cut price skate clothing or decks should be aware that the Ideal skate shop has been breached in Brum tonight during the riots and has had stock stolen. Do not buy any cheap goods off the street as it is more than likely to have been taken tonight.

Our thoughts go out to Zippy, Bob and all at Ideal.The same goes out to Powley and the people of Manchester as reports on TV captured images of the VANS store there being looted tonight by total losers. Again, if you are in Manchester and are asked if you would like to buy cut price VANS gear then do not pick up a stolen bargain, report them to the local police. Please spread the URL of this post on your facebook page or re-tweet this to let your friends know and support your local skate shop.

If you are reading this from London then click here to identify looters down South and support Ideal from this new FB page.