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Following their epic debut track ‘Trip’ that was released this Spring and a colourful free mixtape, the Eastern Seaboard travelers of Vacationer are back with a new track to chill you out whilst on the move.

Gone‘ on first listen compared to ‘Trip’ takes genius into a new realm. I mean, in terms of progression, this is a step into paradise sonicly. I dare you to hear this once and then not go back for more as yet again, Vacationer have delivered another slice of aural addiction that the world will be soon supping on daily to forget the stress and strains of the daily grind.

Word on the street says that Vacationer’s debut album is complete with a record deal in place to deliver Nu Hula greatness into millions of people’s ears in 2012. Look out for release announcements very soon and download this track for free here.

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Black Flag documentary Reality 86’d online

reality86d_black flagAre you a Black Flag fan? If so, you are in for a treat as Reality 86’d, a documentary on Black Flag’s final tour has been released on Vimeo this week and is a must watch.

The film was put together by David Markey who was on this tour as the drummer of Painted Willie at the time. The six month tour that crossed the US in 1986 consisted of 3 bands with Black Flag headlining, Painted Willie and Greg Ginn’s side project Gone opening.

This is fascinating viewing, so if you have not seen it before from its original release in 1991 then get the teas on and prepare yourself in advance of an hour of classic hardcore history.