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Eager Teeth – live

Eager Teeth
Purple Turtle
16th July, 2011

eager_teethAs yet little-known Brighton-based Rock outfit Eager Teeth are no doubt going to be the band name on the tip of everyone’s tongue in a matter of months. Playing to a sparse crowd at the Purple Turtle in support of Mojo Fury, the band don’t let this dampen their spirits, reeling off raw big guitar hooks against intricate picked-out patterns.

With a solid propulsion of drums and bass, what really stands out is the ridiculously tight vocal harmonies between frontman Will Blood and guitarist/vocalist Gary Yay. Blood has heaps of potential as a frontman though he needs to forge more of a connection with his audience (this will undoubtedly be easier when there is more of an audience to connect with). For now, he’s pinning himself to a stationary mic-stand. But hey, that’s ok as the band’s rip-roaring punk rock tinged with post-hardcore and something a bit more complex shines through.

Eager Teeth do tend to sound a bit Glassjaw-esque tonight. It’s that intense melody-driven vocal which also packs a somewhat violent punch that is reminiscent of Palumbo’s vocal stylings. There are also shades of Rival Schools in what ET do, as well as a bit more of a punk rock backbone which adds something more interesting to proceedings. These guys haven’t been playing together all that long but you can tell they’re ones to watch already. With some honing of their craft through relentless touring, ET will become a force to contend with and you can be sure that those who are lucky enough to catch them live in these early days are going to take note and remember their name.

Just watch this and see if you don’t get at least a teensy bit excited about this new British talent. We’re a lot excited.