Scooters and the Death of the Skatepark

scootersaregayThe scooter problem in the UK has forced the skateboard community of Midsomer Norton to make a short documentary on the problem they are facing at their local park. Remember the build up to the opening jam back in August 2010 and the elation this skatepark gave the locals? It seems that this sentiment has long passed and has now been replaced with the words Death of their local skate park instead from this recent docu put together by Lewis Jelley.

The question is, what problems do you have at your local park and how do you tackle them? Is this problem just discipline based? Is the obvious answer actually teaching kids how to respect others around you at a skate park instead of just shouting at them? Is it a case of they are so young they don’t actually listen? How long will it be until there are hundreds of skaters at your park instead once these kids realise skateboards are actually the way forward. Will you still get a run when this happens? By building so many concrete parks are skateboarders naturally enjoying being pushed back into the streets where skateboarding belongs?

So many questions, but only you hold the answers.

New design for The Level in Brighton, you like?

The Brighton & Hove Skatepark Association made up from the riders and supporters of the Brighton & Hove skatepark community have published a new skatepark design for The Level to discuss this week.

This skatepark is one of the most legendary in the country and has played host to the development of some of the UK’s most influential skateboarders and industry tastemakers. Tell us what you think of these plans in the comments below.