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Watch Death Skateboards at R-Kade Skatepark

A new video featuring Death Skateboards and Death Urethane team riders warming up the new R-Kade skatepark on friday night is now online.

The team were in Redcar ahead of the ‘Doing it for Bingo‘ jam so click play for Steak, Benson, Moggins, Mike Simons, Blinky, Boots, Dan Cates, James Jones, Mikey Patrik, Shaun Currie (Death Urethane), Ronny Calow and Rob Smith.

Big shout to to Mikey Patrick who is still in a bad way after breaking his arm on the handrail on a Redcar filming mission.

Skateboarding News

Shaun Currie joins Death Urethane

Shaun_currie__skate_Portrait-DeathHere’s a bit of fresh news to end the week on. Sheffield’s Shaun Currie has joined Death Urethane today.

If you missed this Working Class Hero clip that went out over the xmas period, then enjoy some footage of him smoking The House skatepark.

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Craig Questions A Day In The Life video interview

Filmed and edited by Matthew Bromley.

Craig_Questions_photo_by_Dom_PerkinsHe collects, he draws, he shreds, he scores…Craig ‘Questions’ Scott is a true one off. If you’ve never heard of him before then you’re definitely in for a treat with this Day In The Life. Craig is generally like marmite. You are either digging his eccentricity or done with it. He’s a skater who has asked so many questions over the years that Dom Perkins (who took this amazing photo) called him exactly that, and it stuck.

Maybe it was the luminous gunge of Jim Phillips’ famous 80’s artwork that has pushed Questions into the path of the unknown, or maybe it was the smell of Neil Blender’s pads. Underneath all the toys, smoke bombs and boneless-ones is a guy living his dream, the way he wants his life to roll out. That passion should never be sneered at- but instead, observed from within his own domain, and this week we have done exactly that.

Click to watch part 1 of 2 below and feast your eye’s on the fascinating world of a man who grew up smelling the fresh seaside air of Whitstable beaches and has just recently just inked his first board graphic for the new Zombie Series for Heroin Skateboards.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this video feature next week where you’ll see Craig, Fos and Jake Snelling shredding Brixton’s most famous beach down in Stockwell and more about how the Heroin series took shape. When you are done, click here for part 2.

Craig’s sponsors include Lovenskate, Death Urethane & Altar Skate Shop.