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Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to The Backside Air

Ph: Steve Caballero, method air at Skilly’s Westminster Ramp, 1985. Source: SkatePunk.


Who has the best backside air? Who has the best method air? Blender, Hosoi, Caballero? Who invented it?

Jeff Grosso may have been called out and criticised for his gnarly commentary at this year’s Vans Pool Party this weekend, but as usual, his honesty was arguably spot on. His infamous Loveletters series just re-started this weekend too, so get stuck into the history of the backside air and how they evolved into methods with Dave Andrecht, Billy Ruff, Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and more on the history of a classic skateboard trick.

“Hippies were the first one’s to take to the air, right?”. This is gold right here. Send it someone who skates, it will be like a Christmas present.