Moving SB: vandalism of our cultural heritage

Photo: Rory Milanes shot by Maksim Kalanep.

The Guardian are powering the campaign for Save Southbank right now with their 3rd feature in a week. This one though has special meaning, as its written by legendary London skater and musician Crispin ‘Spry’ Robinson, who ripped MW2 and various other London spots to shreds when he was skating full time back in the 80’s.

His wise words on today’s Guardian feature state that:

“Moving the skaters to a purpose-built spot along the river misses the point. Reclaimed urban spaces are more than just bits of forgotten concrete. They have memories. They resonate with ghosts of the past. They contribute to the richness and diversity of our lives. Their value cannot be measured in material terms. We need South Bank.2

Read the full feature here.


Winter Video Edit Comp 2013


We all know that skate sessions are going to become increasingly more difficult due to the weather this winter, but as usual, the hardcore will be out there filming no matter how cold it is, indoors or out – so this video comp is for you.

Following the success of last year’s Winter Video Edit Comp, it’s time to roll call the faithful as we are once again ready to receive your skate videos for the second year in a row. Watch Danny Bulmer’s winning edit before you go any further.


There are no rules. It’s a straight forward skate video comp. Your video edit can be as short or as long as you like. You can film your video anywhere you like. In a skate park, on the streets, curb, bowl, vert, pool, anywhere, in any country- just get your friends together and start filming.

If you already have fresh footage sitting right there from the last month or so doing nothing. Use it. The winner will take home £200 and a supply of Ricta Wheels.


The deadline for submissions February 18th so you have about 6-7 weeks to get this together. The best videos will be launched online the week after.


Edit your video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, keep it offline and submit a private link to us via our contact page so we can watch it. The best videos we receive will then be featured and the public will vote a winner.

Share this news and get amongst it.