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Kno gets cease and desist order

Hip Hop producer Kno has been delivered a cease and desist order.

The beatmaker for rap group Cunninlynguists used uncleared samples on their A Piece Of Strange album from 2006 and was recently reprimanded as a result. However, he has said that he will keep on making beats and he was aware of what he was doing, in an interview with AboveGround:

“The music I make infringes on copyrights. I am aware of this and have been aware of this, that is why I don’t stress getting rich off of it, I tell people to download it if they want to and I sink any money I do make back into making more records…even if I were to give it away for free., it would still end up on YouTube and I’d still get served by Google-searching lawyers and publishing houses who think they might be able to squeeze money out of me.”