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Sam Beckett wins Vert Attack 7

This weekend saw the 7th Vert Attack competition hosted at the Bryggeriet Skatepark in Malmo, Sweden. The turnbout of pro and am’s all over the country was phenimenal, the web cast did its job of making sure the world coukld tune in and English carve master Sam Beckett took first place ahead of the world’s finest.

Look out for the footage of the Pro finals and Junior finals edit below.


1. Evan Doherty
2. Mats Harlem
3. Ivan Federico


1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Jocke Olsson
3. Steve Caballero


1. Sam Beckett
2. J├╝rgen Horrwarth
3. Giorgio Zattoni

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Watch Sam Pulley’s Quick Fix for Kill City

Get ready for a banging dose of Sam Pulley wrecking the coping and more at Tredegar Park in Newport.

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Ben Raemers Doubles Down at Zombieland

Thrasher cover babe Ben Raemers came home for Xmas and hit the Zombieland Skatepark in Essex for Volcom. Have a few lines from the session here and a little cheeky cameo from Neil Smith.

Ben Raemers Doubles Down from Volcom on Vimeo.

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Watch the new CRV WKD skatepark edit

carvewicked_CRV_WKD_logoCarve Wicked head honcho Sam Pulley features alongside Beanhead and Snaddon in this new clip put together by Nicky Howells.