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Chewy Cannon on KR3W

Great Yarmouth’s Chewy Cannon has joined the KR3W team officially. Here’s 4 things you may not know about him:

1. The landlord for the London house that he lives in with his girlfriend was a woman, but is now a geezer. Chewy has described the landlord transformation from her to him as “kinda crazy.”

2. He loves playing darts and saying, “180!” (presumably in that Lemmy/Motorhead voice that one dart announcer has). “Got a dart board a li’l while back,” Chewy said, “and I’ve been on a mission on the rainy days to try and become the next big thing.” His girlfriend is still better than he is, however.

3. Three is a secret.

4. Chewy has a difficult relationship with bananas. They’ve been known to make him violent. But he had little to say about them when KR3W asked about his problems with the fruit. “I love bananas,” he said. “They smell like the Devil’s nut sack.”