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Peace’d Out

Peace’d Out
Peace’d Out
[Siren Records]

Vinnie of The Movielife / I Am The Avalanche fame has unveiled his new project with this first self-titled EP. And it’s an altogether more raucous affair than his past endeavours. With Steve Choi (RX Bandits), Casey Deitz (The Velvet Teen) and Roger Camero (No Motiv) completing the line-up, Peace’d Out unravel in cascading riffs and angry vocal outbursts. There’s barely even a hint of pop punk here as this collection of musicians channel the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan to create a collection of exciting and unpredictable tracks that appear to almost career out of control whilst actually maintaining a carefully judged tightness of musicianship that’s impressive and admirable.

Far from being merely an intensely noisy affair, Peace’d Out have experimented with sounds making this a far more exciting ride than you initially expect.‘White Pyramid’ alternates simple synth interludes with driving riff-fuelled grittiness. The twists and turns are what really make this debut release.

It’s a five track assault on the ears that announces the band’s arrival in the world with no holds barred. Certainly a thrilling introduction and one which leaves us hoping and praying that this isn’t a fleeting experimental outing into the world of the more noise-filled music for Mr Caruana. Who knew he had that scream in him?

Words: Sarah Maynard