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Help Manchester build a new vert ramp

Manchester has been trying to gain a vert ramp for many years now, and with the upcoming construction of “Beast Rampz Skatepark” in Ardwick this month, Reiss Johnson has set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise the £3000 needed to cover the cost of the build.

“After getting in touch with Tim – the owner of the soon to be skatepark, he informed me a vert ramp could be a possibility. After looking at the building we decided that a vert ramp could fit in however would be very expensive. We costed out the ramp and came to a figure of £6000 to cover materials. A private investor has already covered 50% of the cost and so we need around £3000 for the rest. We are currently in talks with possible sponsors meaning that this number could be even lower soon!”

Beast Rampz Skatepark is scheduled to be finished late spring/early summer 2013.