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The entire Dischord Records archive is streaming on Bandcamp


Stop what you’re doing. Over thirty years of rich U.S. punk history have been immortalised online for your listening pleasure. Dischord Records have uploaded their entire discography to Bandcamp.

Renowned for their ever-uncompromising DIY ethic, this is a wonderfully savvy move. Fans can now feast on the likes of Minor Threat, Rites Of Spring, Dag Nasty, Fugazi and so, so many more classics, and obscurities, for free, in their entirety, without a whiff of Apple Music or Spotify.

Tune in below to the eight tracks that started it all and click here to browse the full archives.

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Life Size Maps

‘Weird Luck’ EP
Free Download

lifesizemaps_weirdluck_epWeird luck is when you are on the web doing stuff and then the next thing you know, you are listening to a new band from Brooklyn who are blowing your ears off within seconds of pressing the play button. That’s how we discovered Life Size Maps here who release a 3 track EP this month.

This trio have some quality noise on offer that sits above some fantastic pop melodies fueled by Mike McKeever’s brash guitars and warming vocals, Jordyn Blakely’s powerful drums and some amazing cello playing from Rob Karpay. Now, the cello may sound like an odd call, but the production on opening track Weird Luck is a masterful mix of noisy indie rock led by a fantastic synth piece that swirls and drives its anthemic chords into a very welcome sonic explosion!

The melodies within these 3 tracks are irresistably catchy. When Wind In The Furnace breaks into its uplifting chorus, euphoria is unleashed on an epic scale accompanied by another heavy pounding of noise. No change here for third track Copper Mirror that ends this listening experience on yet another musical high with stabbing guitars, psych synth and yet another huge chorus. It’s addictive, it’s loud but it’s also beautifully crafted, so let’s hope that this band are able to drive by map and appear in London sometime soon.

Download this EP for free from here and watch this clip of the band playing in Williamsburg, NYC to get the full picture.

For fans of Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, Flaming Lips and Trail of Dead.