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Tom Asta’s Color Theory Part

tom astaMystery Skateboards have released a new video by their new pro Tom Asta this week.

You will notice an amazing kickflip feeble and of course the switch fs heel at the Love Park Gap in this edit. Asta is interviewed here where he discusses how this came together:

The switch heel and switch front heel were in different sessions, and I think different seasons too. I did the switch heel last winter, and this winter the switch front heel. I went two times for the switch heel. First time just caught a few and got kicked out, then we went back a couple weeks later and I got it in three tries, no kick out. For the switch front heel we just went one night and I made it in maybe ten or eleven tries, but it seemed weird to me almost like I shouldn’t have made it, or like I was just not ready to make it, so I landed kind of weird. Thought about that for about two weeks, then went back to redo it and it took a little while but I made it, and it felt a lot cleaner to me so I was hyped.

Enjoy this footage.