Bearded and Slightly Beweirded with John Rattray


Scottish pro John Rattray treats us to a different perspective of himself skating today and growing a beard in this new clip from his Predatory Bird blog. In his own words:

Every now and again Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in the western sky. Rare shit like that occasionally coincides with me getting a trick that might be worth dropping off at Zero and dumping into the Cold War folder. In between those scarce moments, in order to avoid plunging into the deathly-dark pit of boredom and depression, I tend to make videos inspired by skateboarding. This video is a collection of self-portrait clips shot over the course of a 3 month period in which I completely forgot to shave. The more observant among you may glimpse flashes of severe joy and inner pain throughout.

P.S. It doesn’t have to be Jupiter and Venus, it could be any rare celestial configuration, a blue moon for example.

Indian School Ditch gallery show on the move

Nothing like another great use of urban spaces. This time, Rocky Norton and Johnny Gomez make good use of the sessions that went down on the ditches of Albuquerque, New Mexico by erecting an art show in the Infamous Indian School Ditch there. These galleries will be moving across ditches around the US accompanied by a full length documentary this September so watch this space and get inspired.

Space For Rent skateboarding documentary

The world recession has pushed industries into collapse leaving baron buildings, industrial areas and office spaces empty to rot.

Space For Rent is a brand new, short documentary which examines the creative act and process of reacting to spaces in architecture, whilst the effects of capitalism opens up more spots to skate. Watch this 12 minute feature this weekend and think about what new and abandoned areas are becoming available to skate in your town.

Fos exhibition this Thursday in London

Heroin and Landscape Skateboards’ head honcho Mark ‘Fos’ Foster has announced that he will share some art this Thursday at the Wayward Gallery which is found at 47 Mowlem St, London, E2 9HE.

In his own words:

“I’m usually pretty good at these things, but nothing is coming to mind. I’m sat here working my way through a Cafetierre of Bolivian coffee, waiting to be hit by a brilliant idea that will make everyone who reads these words want to come to the show. Instead of making a load of stuff up about my latest work and how its a culmination of every experience that I’ve ever had, or some crap like that, or how you should care about it cos I’m a skateboarder and skateboarding is cool right? Well let’s leave all that out. Let me tell you how it is, the Wayward Gallery always has good shows, and this one will be no exception. So just come down on Thursday and drink some free beer, and look at some paintings and stuff. I’m not gonna promise that it’ll change your life, but you never know, it might..” – Fos

Event: Pioneer New Year Jam

After a rough patch last year that questioned the survival of Pioneer, the skatepark are welcoming on in 2011 optimistically with a super fun skate and art jam on January 29th.

All proceeds go towards keeping Pioneer Skatepark up and running, which we all know is a necessity. Have a look below for all the info you could possibly need.

‘Out Of Stock’ blog goes online

Out Of Stock‘ is a special exhibition due to take place in the early summer of 2011 that focusses on creative work to emerge from Stockwell Skatepark created by a myriad of contributing artists.

In the build up to the exhibition a blog has been set up for the purpose of hosting anyone’s stories or photos from Stockwell, old and new. Despite being online for just a couple of weeks, it’s already picking up momentum and will inevitably evolve into a valuable and comprehensive source for all things Stockwell by the time next summer comes along.

Have a look at the blog by clicking this link and watch the trailer for ‘Out Of Stock‘ below.