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Dropout Dan

Dropout Dan
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Forever, InsteadOne man and his guitar can have a lot of effect lately. With new and upcoming acts who are constantly being compared to the likes of Frank Turner and Ed Sheeran, there are very few that can actually live up to some peoples expectations. Dropout-Dan, real name Daniel O’Dell, delivers a new sound that throws a soft, unique voice at you.

Claiming to be acoustic rock “with a twist” – his new E.P ‘Forever, Instead’ does not disappoint. It has a bit of a sappy sound to the lyrics as it’s an emotional story of Dan’s past. The fact that it is being released on Valentine’s Day is truly ironic.

Dan’s emotional vocals of aggression, regret and happiness are all timed perfectly, especially in ‘Puppy Fat’, where some true aggression comes out. The structure of Dan’s songs seem to be rather unpredictable, and aren’t like your usual verse, bridge, chorus. It is a breath of fresh air to hear an acoustic act that isn’t going to be constantly referred to Ben Howard or Frank Turner.

Some soothing piano work made its way in to ‘The Sound of Faking’, which is upbeat and simple but the lyrics completely contradict it as Dan tells a story of sorrow.

Real name Daniel O’Dell, he was raised in the outskirts of Cambridgeshire, saying he knew from an early age that music would “become one of the most important parts of his life.

Dan said, “I’ve tried to steer away from the songs and stereotypes that tend to please my friends, family and loved ones. I came into this process with an open mind and wanted to write songs from my heart and about my surroundings at the time. This EP is a collection of just that and I couldn’t be more proud of what it’s turned into.”

Dropout-Dan is an upcoming act and providing he keeps up the beautiful song writing, then no doubt you’ll see him about more in the future.

Dropout Dan’s new E.P ‘Forever, Instead’ will be released 14 February. You can pre-order it here. You can also download ‘Sentimental’ which is being offered as a free download here!

Upcoming tour dates:

Feb 16 – York – The Black Swan
Feb 17 – Nottingham – The Maze
Feb 18 – Peterborough – Key Theatre
Feb 19 – London – Brixton Windmill
Feb 22 – Birmingham – The Brighthouse
Feb 24 – Brighton – The White Rabbit
Feb 27 – Manchester – The Tiger Lounge
Feb 28 – Cardiff – Gwdihŵ Cafe Bar
Mar 1 – Bristol – Kingsdown Wine Vaults

Check out the first single off ‘Oh, Little Red’ below.