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Such Gold

Such Gold
Razor & Tie Records

Such GoldAmerican pop-punk is kicking off in the UK – is it just because they’re American? Hell no. It’s because pop-punk is awesome.

After having a few setbacks in 2012 Such Gold have retained their strength and are back with their debut studio album, Misadventures that oozes impeccable pop-punk. If you have been with Such Gold from the start and you have enjoyed their previous EP’s, you’re truly in for a treat.

The album kicks off with the aggressive, yet upbeat ‘Two Year Plan’, which is pretty much the album condensed into two minutes and eighteen seconds of pure pop-punk brilliance. To be honest, most the songs merge into each other. They’re not particularly bad, just generic pop-punk tunes. However, there are a couple of songs which are more distinctive than the others. ‘Storyteller’ is a lot heavier than the rest and offers a chance for the listener to really appreciate the devotion that these guys have put in.

The lyrics portray a veil of youthful emotion. When vocalist Ben Kotin sings …and I wish that I could say the days alleviate / this artificial pain I never thought that I’d be feeling at this age”, his words strike a familiar chord; this is music you would listen to while trashing your ex’s house.

Kotin’s vocals blend perfectly with the pounding drums and contagious guitars to create a relentless wave of emotional angst and passion throughout. Everything that comes out of his mouth just seems like he is in a hurry to tell you, and that you must know whatever he is saying instantly.

Misadventures has everything that you would expect from a pop-punk record: catchy riffs, great beats and a singer screaming into your ear drums. Oh, and what is a pop-punk song without the whole band shouting in the background? Although most of the songs just get a nod of approval, there are some goldmines – pun not intended. It’s a good album, not spectacular, but worthy of your time none the less.

Words: Emily Gunn